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Teams Live Event: Teams Bots & Apps

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Join link: http://bit.ly/LouMUG052020

In conjunction with the fledgling Heartland Teams Users Group and EPOS Audio, we present:

“Empower Your Users with Bots and Apps in Microsoft Teams.”

Session Summary

Microsoft’s mission is to “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”  Microsoft Teams is a service that empowers your team members through modern collaboration by the use of Chat, Channel Conversations, Meetings, Calling and full integration with our Microsoft 365 toolset.  But are you aware of the Microsoft Teams development platform and how it can be used to empower your team members even further by the use of Bots and Apps?  In this session we will provide an overview of the Teams development platform, showcase a variety of real world Bots and Apps, and provide resources to help get you on your way empowering your team members.

About the Presenter

Presenter Al Durham is Modern Workplace Technical Specialist with Microsoft.  He helps customers navigate the digital transformation journey and improve overall productivity in their business operations.  Al has over 23 years of technical, business and people leadership experience that helps him guide customers through critical decision making processes as they make their way to the cloud.

Bring your questions!

This session is sponsored by EPOS Audio, maker of gaming and enterprise audio equipment.

Download the Presentation

Al’s Teams Background to Download and Use

Teams Live Event: PowerShell, Your Way

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What the Shell??

PowerShell is one of the most awesome tools Microsoft has created in the past 20 years. It has the power of .NET combined with an easy to learn scripting language syntax. Join LouMUG this month for our first ever virtual event as Tony Morrow shows you how to take simple PowerShell code and elevate it to the next level.



  • What is PowerShell?
  • How does Tony uses PowerShell?
  • How to:
    • Install and use modules
    • Loop and pipe data
    • Create custom objects
    • Build advanced functions
    • And more

About the Presenter

Tony Morrow

Tony is the Principal Solutions Architect at Bellarmine University’s Information Technology Department. With 10 years of experience he is considered a jack-of-all-trades, assisting with managing the University’s network, security, and wireless infrastructure; server and virtual environment; and designs solutions using PowerShell whenever possible. Tony is an avid technology nerd and race car fan with more knowledge than any one person should have.

IT Governance

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“Ask Not What You Can Do For Governance, But What Governance Could Do For You!”

We all know the importance of developing a solid IT strategy. Join us this month as we discuss the importance of aligning IT investments with business strategy.


In this session:

  • Brief discussion about content.
  • Controlling content chaos, how culture can help
  • Driving change where appropriate.
  • Some automation tools that can assist, such as:
    • Azure Automation
    • PnP Provisioning Engine
    • Governance and DevOps controls to support business value.

About the Presenter

Matthew Workman

My name is Matthew, a fairly normal person trying to do as many good things as I can, and trying to share a positive attitude to influence people for the better. At the moment, I enjoy using technology to do that along with my employer HMB. I have been employed in the Louisville area for over 15 years for companies such as Mercer, Norton Healthcare, and Republic Bank. I have made it a personal mission to help organizations understand how technology can “compliment” culture, and so begins the story of productivity.

SQL for the Sysadmin: What Non-DBAs Need to Know

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On occasion, as a sysadmin or provider of Infrastructure Support, you have no doubt dealt with those pesky database administrators. They are so needy, they have unreasonable requirements, and they tend to stress about the smallest of things.

But have you ever wondered what is really going on under the hood of a SQL Server? What is the best way to secure it? Why is performance so sporadic? Why is it so hungry for resources?

In this session we will explore some of the nuances of SQL Server, and also attempt to remove the “black box” qualities that overshadow it. In the end, we will all hopefully agree that the DBA is truly indeed neurotic… but understandably so.

About the Presenter

Jeff Rouse

Jeff is the Assistant Vice President, Manager of Database Administration for Republic Bank and Trust. He is a seasoned IT professional with 25+ years of experience with the processes that make IT successful.
Jeff has been a Microsoft junkie since Window for Workgroups, and has worked with most all of their enterprise level products. Jeff serves as a leader of the Louisville, KY chapter of the SQL Server & PowerBI User Group. His professional experience has allowed exposure to a wide variety of markets – finance, healthcare, telecommunications, law enforcement and more.

Cloud Data: Backup for What’s Next

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I’m Veeaming of A Disaster-Free Christmas

In this session, we will learn how Veeam solves the challenge of how to leverage our multi-cloud world to improve Disaster Recovery capabilities and make certain that user’s data is available at all times. In addition, we will learn how enhancements in the upcoming v10 release will not only make certain your data is protected no matter where it is, but that you may be able to leverage cloud options such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. This will ensure that you can stay up and running even when disaster strikes.

Artificial Intelligence Landscape From Academia to Industry: How and Where you Can Fit in

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To AI…and beyond!

AI is becoming more applied into our everyday and understanding how to effectively implement AI solutions can bring value to businesses and customers. We will cover AI Consortium, Market Insights, and Microsoft Azure AI Use Cases. Join us as while learn about the Artificial Intelligence landscape from Konrad Konarski, who led IBM’s Watson team.
We will review:
  • AI Consortium
    • Collective Innovation
    • Data Democratization
    • Innovation Lab
  • AI Market Insights
  • Microsoft Azure AI – Use Cases
    • Office Automation
    • Retail Analytics
    • PPE Detection
  • Additional Use-Cases
    • Chatbot Platforms
    • Computer Vision Systems
    • Deep Learning Analytics
  • Call to Action

Data Protection

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Don’t Be Scared … Protect Your Data!

In today’s IT landscape, the threat model is constantly changing and drastically. The theft of data for purposes of accessing personal customer information is no longer the main driving motivation of bad actors – they are turning to threads aimed at large financial gain. In addition to attacks aimed at holding data for ransom, attacks can also be founded in political activism with the distinct purpose of data destruction in order to interrupt or destroy business. Join us to learn about these threats and how you can increase the probability of recovering your most critical business data in light of these new threat models.


We will review:

  • Overall threat landscape today
  • The cost these threats wreak on business
  • Application dependency mapping to identify risks
  • Assessing current backup infrastructure
  • Strategies to protect your backup data where it cannot be deleted or modified

LouMUG Con ’19

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Bring it on at LouMUG Con!

Join us for our first-ever all-day LouMUG conference at Tandem Training. 

The conference will be divided into four breakout sessions that will surround Office 365, Teams, and MSFT Administration. Choose your sessions in the registration form. The landing page will contain summaries of the sessions and presenter bios.


8am: Registration/check-in & breakfast

8:30am: Keynote from Microsoft about direction and strategy

9:15am: Breakout 1

  1. Going With the Flow with Russell of HMB OR
  2. Azure MFA with Jacques Guibert de Bruet of Microsoft

10:15am: Breakout 2

  1. Windows Admin Center with Brent Earls of Mirazon OR
  2. Machine Learning Lite with Mike Schlegel of HMB

11:15am: Lunch

12:30: Breakout 3

  1. A Day in the Life of A Teams Admin with Ben Powell of Microsoft OR
  2. Network Security Landscape with Jason King and Justin Cottrell of Mirazon

1:30: Breakout 4

  1. SD-WAN Breakdown with Mark White of Virtual Telecomm OR
  2. PowerBI Dax with Felicity Bongo of HMB

Career Day

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Your internal and external brand and how to elevate yourself in IT

Join the TEksystems and Republic Bank panel for an opportunity to change gears and talk about the “soft skills” needed to advance in your career and feel more confident in your field.

Discussion topics include:
  • Connecting your personal and professional brand
  • Being part of the team!
  • Executive presentation: How to relate tech to the business
  • State of the market: Louisville, KY
  • When to take the leap?: Promotions, new career chapter, more responsibility, etc.


About the Presenters

Nicole Kronberger

Nicole Kronberger, Director of Business Operations, has been with TEKsystems for 9 years, leading different markets across the South East and building a vision within our market on how we’ll continue to evolve in an ever-changing IT industry.

Nicole is directly responsible for all sales, recruiting, and support personnel, overseeing the strategy and market operations to ensure the acquisition, growth, and retention of long-term customer relationships as well as providing input and guidance into our staffing process, recruitment, and retention activities.

Jeff Rouse

Jeff Rouse, Database Administration Manager for Republic Bank, has been with the Republic Bank for 4+ years and in the IT space for 23+ years, working with computer systems, networking infrastructure and the processes that make IT successful..

Jeff has dealt with networking infrastructure issues since token ring (bleh), and is intimate with all technologies and protocols that support network “plumbing”. He has also built a solid skillset in database administration, leveraging platforms such Microsoft SQL Server, Netezza, and DB2-LUW.

Mike Powers

Mike Powers runs the veterans and disabilities program for TEKsystems. This includes compliance for OFCCP, outreach, internal and external hiring, determining partnerships and charities, garnering internal support and growth from executive leadership and local office directors in 110 locations in 47 states, managing sourcing vendors, educate and train college and internal recruiting teams.

He also manages external facing engagements in the same areas. Prior, Mike recruited IT candidates globally and placed over 2000 people into positions with clients. He was in B2B IT sales for three years, locally, as well.

Robert O'Bryan

Robert O’Bryan, an Account Manager for TEKsystems, is in the Louisville, KY market, where he partners closely with business leaders to provide technology services through either resource needs and/or professional service solutions.

Robert specializes in IT infrastructure (physical, virtual, and cloud environments), information security, and risk/compliance spaces. Robert’s main goal is to provide value through a variety of offerings and partnership to bring solutions for major business drivers using technology to increase revenue, mitigate risks, and decrease unnecessary spending.

Josh Higginbotham

Josh Higginbotham is a Database Professional at Republic Bank and has been in the IT space for the last 5 years. He has worked in various roles including software development, database administration, and business intelligence. He’s an active speaker within the SQL community and the co-chapter leader of the Louisville SQL Server and Power BI User Group.

What’s New in Systems Center Configuration Manager

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What’s New in Systems Center Configuration Manager

Well…a lot.

Since 2015 Microsoft has been regularly updating Configuration Manager 3 times a year with new features and capabilities. Find out what is new in the current release (1902) and see examples of leveraging Configuration Manager for software installation, OS updates, desktop imaging, hardware/software reporting, and even some PowerShell automation.

About the Presenter

Tony Morrow

Tony is the Principal Solutions Architect at Bellarmine University’s Information Technology Department. With 10 years of experience he is considered a jack-of-all-trades, assisting with managing the University’s network, security, & wireless infrastructure; server & virtual environment; and designs solutions using PowerShell whenever possible. Tony is an avid technology nerd and race car fan with more knowledge than any one person should have.