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Ransomware Proofing

By May 3, 2021August 1st, 2022Events

Protecting Your Baby

Babyproofing your house involves locking up or padding a lot of stuff — probably more than you’d ever realize. As soon as they start crawling and walking, they get into EVERYTHING, and that’s not unlike ransomware.

Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated every day, programmed to seek and destroy your backups, prod and find small holes to gain entry to even the most critical of systems, and install sneaky programs that can resist being erased and avoid detection.

So join Mirazon’s engineers Kyle Haas and Rance Reinhardt as we discuss what to protect and what to account for, so you can prevent ransomware from taking you down.

About the Presenters

Kyle Haas


System Engineer

Systems Engineer Kyle Haas has been with Mirazon for four years. After graduating from Bellarmine University and working as a food scientist, he realized his true passion was with technology. After consulting with small businesses independently for a few years, he joined the Mirazon team.

Now Kyle spends his days administering Windows and virtualization environments and on the odd and unfortunate occasion, slaying ransomware.

In his spare time, Kyle makes a mean fermented hot sauce (among other tasty adventures left over from his food scientist days). He also has a deep interest in the German language and culture and lived abroad there.

Rance Reinhardt


Network Engineer

Network Engineer Rance Reinhardt joined Mirazon six years ago, after a short stint with the US Army and a tour in Afghanistan. Technology had its hold on Rance for nearly his whole life, beginning with a Gateway 2000 and Windows 3.1. He detoured into audio engineering for a while, and still does that on the side with his musical side projects, but he really hit his stride with network engineering when he joined the military.

He has experience in SD-WAN implementation, planning and design through third parties like Velo or through direct configuration on Fortinet products. Rance spends most of his days troubleshooting and supporting multisite network design and implementations. He also is 8570.1 DoD Compliant IAT II & IAM I with DISA and TNSOC experience.

Rance has a 12-year-old daughter named Zoe and he loves to travel with her. They’re currently dreaming up a big trip to Japan.