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June 2021

Summer Social

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We’ve missed seeing your smiling faces! Join us for a social mixer at 3rd Turn Oldham Gardens on July 29 from 4:30 until 7:00PM. We’ll have refreshments and appetizers provided, sponsored by our friends at RUCKUS. We will be hanging out on the back patio in the open air. Can’t wait to see everyone!

Let’s encrypt with Let’s Encrypt!

By Events

Over the past several years the cert industry has reduced the length a certificate can be issued from multi-year to just 13 months (thanks, Apple ☹). That’s lead to more work on our part in making sure certificates get replaced on a regular basis. One method to reducing the work is to automate the process. And if we’re automating the process, why not use the free certificates available from Let’s Encrypt instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to companies like IdenTrust, DigiCert or GoDaddy?

So join Bellarmine’s Principal Solutions Architect Tony Morrow for a brief overview of Let’s Encrypt, and show how to use PowerShell tools written by the community to request and deploy certificates to servers.

About the Presenter


Tony Morrow

Bellarmine University

Principal Solutions Architect

Tony is the Principal Solutions Architect at Bellarmine University’s Information Technology Department. With 10 years of experience he is considered a jack-of-all-trades, assisting with managing the University’s network, security, and wireless infrastructure; server and virtual environment; and designs solutions using PowerShell whenever possible. Tony is an avid technology nerd and race car fan with more knowledge than any one person should have.