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June 2022

Zero Trust Network Access

By Events


Join us for this month’s LouMUG event where we will discuss Zero Trust Network Access. We will have a guest speaker and lunch will be provided. 

Jimmy Shaw, Systems Engineer with Fortinet, will dive into ZTNA and tell us everything we need to know about this increasingly adopted trend, and why it’s important.

Jimmy will lead a discussion on:

  • Threat landscape
  • What is ZTNA?
  • Is VPN dead?
  • Is ZTNA right for your network?
  • The Fortinet ZTNA solution
Make sure to bring your questions, and we look forward to you attending!

Raffle Prize

Please register and sign in with a recognizable name so we can add you to the drawing for this month’s prize. Thanks to our sponsor, Fortinet, you will get to choose one of the following!

About the Presenter

Jimmy Shaw


Systems Engineer

Jimmy has been a network/security engineer for roughly 14 years, and has spent 11 years in various roles at West IP Communications. The last 3 years he has been at Fortinet as a Systems Engineer. A fun fact about Jimmy is that he’s always up for a good time, but anything with an engine usually gets him excited.