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October 2018

Microsoft 365

By Events

The hard part of the cloud is not the technology planning or implementation.  The hard part of the cloud is ongoing meta-layer management of the services running in or on top of the cloud.  Order of magnitude harder than the ongoing management of the cloud is the integration of “cloud operations” with the existing operations of the rest of the portfolio.  Read more about the strategic opportunity of cloud operations integration here.

Specifically for Office 365 and Microsoft 365, there are a handful of core operational integration topics that must be addressed.

This LouMUG session will cover the most critical points of each of these four bullet points:

  1. Monitoring—how will the end-user-experience be monitored, and how will that monitoring integrate into the existing investments in tooling and processes that support the rest of the portfolio?
  2. Major Incident Management—using the Monitoring scenarios as one of the inputs, what are the specific Major Incident Scenarios and workflows that need to be addressed within the existing company-wide Major Incident Management workflows?
  3. End-User Support—what are the core metrics that need to be aggressively driven during deployment and in run state, and what are the tools and automation that can be immediately plugged into the existing Help Desk tiers and workflows to a) increase resolution rates at lower tiers and b) to consider pushing automation directly to a subset of end-users to further reduce Help Desk calls and to improve user experience
  4. Evergreen Management—managing the rate of change delivered by cloud provider
    1. Backend Services—what are the inputs for information, how should they be triaged, how should they be driven to a) avoid impact and b) report measurable business value?
    2. Clients—what are the release cadences for Windows Clients and Office Clients (Pro Plus), and how should those be managed within the context of the existing change, release and client build management processes and workflows?

About the Presenter


Carroll Moon

Carroll Moon is the Co-Founder and CTO of CloudFit Software, a Microsoft Preferred Supplier and Microsoft Gold Partner that provides managed services to Microsoft’s Product Groups, including the Office 365 Product Group.  Beyond Microsoft’s Product Groups, CloudFit Software delivers Managed Digital Transformation allowing enterprises to have greater velocity to value with their Digital Transformation initiatives, including their cloud initiatives.  Prior to CloudFit, Carroll spent 17 ½ years at Microsoft including 10 years leading Service Management for Office 365.  While at Microsoft, Carroll led the engineering teams for Office 365’s internal tooling, internal monitoring, and customer-facing service management features including dashboards and APIs.  Carroll also spent 4 years in Microsoft Services innovating with Microsoft’s largest enterprise customers to help them move more quickly to the cloud with laser focus on the business and successful run-state.  Carroll lives in Lynchburg, Virginia with his wife and two children.

Add More Predictability with PowerBI

By Events

Add more predictability in your life with Microsoft’s Power BI and Azure Machine Learning Studio.

John Ecken of Tandem Solution will discuss and demonstrate how organizations can use the Microsoft Power BI and Azure Machine Learning to get valuable insights into data. He will look at how the products can be used together to build powerful data models, analytics and reports at a price point even small businesses can afford.

In this presentation you will quickly learn how to:

  • Bring in data
  • Clean data
  • Model data
  • Build custom dashboards
  • Build predictable models

Bring your questions!

About the Presenter

John Ecken

As VP of Finance and Technology and one of three business owners of Tandem Solution, John Ecken has spent the last 20 years as an instructor and consultant in the IT and Professional Development training industry.

With a passion for technology, security, application design, and development, John Ecken has constructed customized classes and spent countless hours delivering curriculum in the classroom.

In addition to holding various industry certifications, he brings to the table a wealth of programming knowledge and software implementation experience. Alongside his classroom duties, Ecken ensures that the technical operations of Tandem Solution run smoothly and that a high level of satisfaction for all Tandem customers is maintained.