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November 2020

Cyber Security Incident Response

By Events

Cyber Security Incident Response: Making The Best of A Worst-Case Scenario

Ransomware is up 144% since the pandemic started. More than ever before, it’s highly likely you will experience a ransomware threat and in some cases, experience multiple infections. It’s forecasted that in 2021 that the average organization will get hit with ransomware every 11 seconds.

In this session, we’ll uncover the inevitable question of what happens post compromise:

  • Steps to take and in what order after a compromise
  • How and what to communicate to the insurance company
  • Learn what to turn off, reboot and unplug
  • Learn the best logging scenarios for successful prosecution
  • How to interact with federal law enforcement
  • Other best practices and tips and tricks from the trenches

Secure Cyber Defense is a cyber security specific service and consulting company in Dayton, Ohio. They are an Advanced Fortinet partner and offer a variety of managed cyber security services and solutions.

About the Presenter

Shawn Waldman

Founder & CEO

Secure Cyber Defense

Shawn is the founder and CEO of Secure Cyber Defense. He is a 20-year IT veteran and previously served in law enforcement.
Shawn was deeply involved with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information System compliance framework, and ultimately wrote the compliance-training curriculum for other agencies and vendors. Shawn is a subject matter expert when it comes to FBI criminal justice compliance and speaks across the country on various topics related to cybersecurity and threat detection.