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February 2024

M365 Magic

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M365 Magic

M365 Magic

Join us at this month’s LouMUG event, where we will discover the magical power of Microsoft 365 and unravel the secrets to successful intranet, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive deployment. This is for IT administrators and department heads/management alike! So, bring yourself, a guest or two, and your appetite as we get ready to explore the magical world of M365.

Believe us… It’s no fantasy.

Register today to see the magic!

Key Takeaways:

  • Intranet Essentials: How the modern Intranet is more important than ever and is a combination of Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and other tools.
  • Planning is Key: Discover key questions to ask when organizing and planning your internal information infrastructure.
  • Governance: Begin thinking about how to manage your data within Office 365 in terms of security, privacy, and usability.
  • When to Use What: Microsoft often makes multiple tools to do the same thing. Discover guidelines on when to use what among the Office 365 applications.
  • Quick Tips: We will spend the last part of the meeting showing a few quick tips to enhance your daily productivity. Bring your own tips as well!

Why Attend? Gain strategic insights for a transformative Microsoft 365 deployment. Reserve your spot now by clicking the link below, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Foundation For A Healthy Kentucky
1640 Lyndon Farm Ct., #100
Louisville, KY 40223

Raffle Prizes

Register and attend for a chance to win this month’s raffle prizes!

About the Presenters

John Ross

Partner and Co-Founder


John Ross

My name is John Ross and I am one of Mirazon’s owners and co-founders. I believe what drives me most is change. I typically like to do new things, see new things, learn new things. IT has been a very good career in that respect.

My wife, Billie, and I have been married for 30’ish years, and we have a grown daughter and a teenage son. Billie and I work together on various projects – both for Mirazon and for Mirazon’s customers. These projects focus primarily on internal company communications and business process definition / automation utilizing various components of Microsoft 365. Because of our varying skillsets, we are able to address these projects all the way from technical implementation and security needs to process definition and usability.

Billie Ross

Microsoft 365 Productivity Specialist


Billie Ross

My name is Billie Ross and I joined Mirazon during the summer of 2010. I am married to one of the owners, John Ross; we have been happily married for more than 30 years.

I currently split my time equally between developing our internal SharePoint portal, helping customers develop their own SharePoint intranets, and serving as an executive assistant to the board. This covers everything from coordinating updates to our trademark, updating portal information, and other various internal project management tasks as they arise.