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April 2021

Are You Down with AAD?

By Events

Azure AD is Amazing! Let’s Talk About Using It.

Microsoft 365 offers a ton of features and functionality with Azure AD. Join Microsoft Cloud Architect Josh Gatewood this month as he breaks down how to use it: creating users and dynamic groups, SAML and roles, myapplications, password management, ADFS vs Azure AD Connect and more!

About the Presenter


Josh Gatewood

Patriot Consulting Tech

Senior Microsoft Cloud Security Solutions Architect

Josh is a Senior Microsoft Cloud Security Solutions Architect at Patriot Consulting Tech. He works to help clients review and harden their cloud security posture and performs training for companies on products within the Microsoft stack.

Josh has over 15 years working complex enterprise IT administration and is passionate about how Azure is the best of all the clouds. Additionally, Josh has a Masters from Sullivan and is multi-cloud certified from both GCP and Azure. In his free time, you can find him running at Beckley or volunteering in the community. He goes to Adventure Christian church in Jeffersontown Kentucky and has a dog name Ellie.