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Let’s encrypt with Let’s Encrypt!

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Over the past several years the cert industry has reduced the length a certificate can be issued from multi-year to just 13 months (thanks, Apple ☹). That’s lead to more work on our part in making sure certificates get replaced on a regular basis. One method to reducing the work is to automate the process. And if we’re automating the process, why not use the free certificates available from Let’s Encrypt instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to companies like IdenTrust, DigiCert or GoDaddy?

So join Bellarmine’s Principal Solutions Architect Tony Morrow for a brief overview of Let’s Encrypt, and show how to use PowerShell tools written by the community to request and deploy certificates to servers.

About the Presenter


Tony Morrow

Bellarmine University

Principal Solutions Architect

Tony is the Principal Solutions Architect at Bellarmine University’s Information Technology Department. With 10 years of experience he is considered a jack-of-all-trades, assisting with managing the University’s network, security, and wireless infrastructure; server and virtual environment; and designs solutions using PowerShell whenever possible. Tony is an avid technology nerd and race car fan with more knowledge than any one person should have.

Ransomware Proofing

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Protecting Your Baby

Babyproofing your house involves locking up or padding a lot of stuff — probably more than you’d ever realize. As soon as they start crawling and walking, they get into EVERYTHING, and that’s not unlike ransomware.

Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated every day, programmed to seek and destroy your backups, prod and find small holes to gain entry to even the most critical of systems, and install sneaky programs that can resist being erased and avoid detection.

So join Mirazon’s engineers Kyle Haas and Rance Reinhardt as we discuss what to protect and what to account for, so you can prevent ransomware from taking you down.

About the Presenters

Kyle Haas


System Engineer

Systems Engineer Kyle Haas has been with Mirazon for four years. After graduating from Bellarmine University and working as a food scientist, he realized his true passion was with technology. After consulting with small businesses independently for a few years, he joined the Mirazon team.

Now Kyle spends his days administering Windows and virtualization environments and on the odd and unfortunate occasion, slaying ransomware.

In his spare time, Kyle makes a mean fermented hot sauce (among other tasty adventures left over from his food scientist days). He also has a deep interest in the German language and culture and lived abroad there.

Rance Reinhardt


Network Engineer

Network Engineer Rance Reinhardt joined Mirazon six years ago, after a short stint with the US Army and a tour in Afghanistan. Technology had its hold on Rance for nearly his whole life, beginning with a Gateway 2000 and Windows 3.1. He detoured into audio engineering for a while, and still does that on the side with his musical side projects, but he really hit his stride with network engineering when he joined the military.

He has experience in SD-WAN implementation, planning and design through third parties like Velo or through direct configuration on Fortinet products. Rance spends most of his days troubleshooting and supporting multisite network design and implementations. He also is 8570.1 DoD Compliant IAT II & IAM I with DISA and TNSOC experience.

Rance has a 12-year-old daughter named Zoe and he loves to travel with her. They’re currently dreaming up a big trip to Japan.

Are You Down with AAD?

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Azure AD is Amazing! Let’s Talk About Using It.

Microsoft 365 offers a ton of features and functionality with Azure AD. Join Microsoft Cloud Architect Josh Gatewood this month as he breaks down how to use it: creating users and dynamic groups, SAML and roles, myapplications, password management, ADFS vs Azure AD Connect and more!

About the Presenter


Josh Gatewood

Patriot Consulting Tech

Senior Microsoft Cloud Security Solutions Architect

Josh is a Senior Microsoft Cloud Security Solutions Architect at Patriot Consulting Tech. He works to help clients review and harden their cloud security posture and performs training for companies on products within the Microsoft stack.

Josh has over 15 years working complex enterprise IT administration and is passionate about how Azure is the best of all the clouds. Additionally, Josh has a Masters from Sullivan and is multi-cloud certified from both GCP and Azure. In his free time, you can find him running at Beckley or volunteering in the community. He goes to Adventure Christian church in Jeffersontown Kentucky and has a dog name Ellie.

SHAREpoint, not SCAREpoint!

By Events

If you cringe at the word “SharePoint” from on-premises nightmares past, get ready to experience a near-dreamlike ease with SharePoint in the cloud!

Microsoft 365 is a behemoth of a subscription with many applications and benefits, which for any one user can be too much to keep up with. Let’s clear up some of the more useful, basic functionalities: SharePoint and PowerAutomate. Join Mirazon’s dynamic duo, John and Billie Ross as they stand up some PowerAutomate functions and create a SharePoint site on the fly.

This will not be a technical presentation, so invite your business users! And if you cringe at the word “SharePoint” from on-premises nightmares past, get ready to experience a near-dreamlike ease with SharePoint in the cloud!

But wait! There’s more! For you techies, they will also be speaking for about 10 minutes on HOW SharePoint interplays with Teams, OneDrive, Office 365 Groups and portal pages. This will save you tons of time in the long run understanding what is going on under the cover.

About the Presenters

Billie Ross
Special Projects Coordinator

Billie Ross has been with Mirazon for over ten years, first working in office administration and project management. She is now Mirazon’s subject matter expert in Modern SharePoint.

Billie helps clients organize and lay out conversions to SharePoint sites as a means of internal information sharing, communication and collaboration, as well as builds custom intranet portals for the customer.

John Ross
Partner and Co-founder

John Ross is one of the founding owners of Mirazon. He enjoys technology, auto racing of all types and non-fiction books.

Lately, John’s been able to choose to work on a couple of things he wanted to do as opposed to things that have to be done. One of those things is planning out internal portal and Microsoft Teams infrastructures, and helping organizations begin automating some basic business processes.

Since John knows firsthand what it is like starting and then running a small business, the small things can make a huge difference in taming the chaos and helping the organization move forward.

Move Over for Snover! Q&A With Jeffrey Snover

By Events

Move Over for Snover!

Q&A With Microsoft Technical Fellow Jeffrey Snover

Chief Technical Officer of Modern Workforce Transformation, Chief Architect of PowerShell, Chief Architect of the Azure Infrastructure and Management group — what can’t this guy do?!

We’ll tell you what he can do: grant us a bit of his time for our next meeting so we can ask him some questions!

So join us on Friday, February 26 at 11:30am EST. Jeffrey Snover will be joining us so you can ask him your questions!

Since our time with Jeffrey is limited, please submit your question for review by replying to this email or emailing by February 12!

About the Presenter

Jeffrey Snover

Microsoft Technical Fellow

CTO Modern Workforce Transformation

Jeffrey Snover is a Technical Fellow at Microsoft and the CTO for Modern Workplace Transformation. Prior to that he was an Architect for Office 365 Intelligent Substrate and the Chief Architect for the Azure Storage/Edge Group and Windows Server.
Snover is the inventor of PowerShell, an open source, cross-platform object-based distributed automation engine, scripting language, and command line shell. Snover joined Microsoft in 1999 as architect for the Management and Services Division, providing technical direction across Microsoft’s management technologies and products.

Ring in the New Year with Microsoft Teams Phones

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Ring in the New Year with Microsoft Teams Phones!

Microsoft Teams is a business communication powerhouse but the capabilities are far greater than most realize. Join Virtual Telecomm’s Jason Hulsewede to review options for enabling the Microsoft Teams Applications as part of your business communications strategy. We will cover Microsoft’s phone system benefits and challenges, and explain how leading UCaaS providers are integrating directly with the Teams application. Finally, we’ll discuss some amazing features that are slated to be released in the first half of 2021.


  • Microsoft Unified Communications History & Review Gartner Magic Quadrant
  • Options to Implement Teams as a Phone System
  • Leveraging a UCaaS Provider
  • Supported Handsets
  • Mobile Applications & Integrations
  • Upcoming Features

You’ll leave this presentation with knowledge about the Microsoft 365 business voice solution, an understanding of dial plans, what licenses are needed, and how the leading UCaaS providers can deliver integration with the Teams application.


About the Presenter

Jason Hulsewede


Virtual Telecomm

Jason Hulsewede is a Partner at Virtual Telecomm and has been in the telecommunications industry since 2003. At Virtual Telecomm, Jason leads the Business Development team, combining leading cloud phone and SD-WAN solutions with various internet connections to meet clients’ diverse business needs. Jason also manages Virtual Telecomm’s carrier relationships and is always evaluating best-in-class providers to add to our portfolio of next-generation technology services

We’re Dreaming of a Whiteboard Christmas

By Events

Microsoft Whiteboard | Trivia | Surface Giveaways!

Last LouMUG of the year! Let’s make it count!

Join us for our final LouMUG of 2020! Jeremy Miller, executive director of enterprise architecture at Kentucky Community & Technical College System is going to SCHOOL us (see what we did there?) on Microsoft’s Whiteboard functionality. We’ll talk about how to get started with the Whiteboard and how to integrate it into your Microsoft Teams meetings.

But wait! There’s more!

We will round off our last meeting of the year with a fun game using the Kahoot! platform, so bring a secondary device to use as your remote control.
And, as is tradition, Santa will be sending two lucky winners a Microsoft Surface prize! We’ll be giving away a Surface Book and a Surface Pro. Must be present to win, so stick around with us until the end.

About the Presenter


Jeremy Miller,

Executive Director of Enterprise Architecture

Kentucky Community & Technical Colleges System

Jeremy is the Executive Director of Enterprise Architecture at KCTCS leading a team focused on delivering innovative, secure and scalable solutions.

Recognized as a Microsoft MVP, Jeremy is passionate about the community. He is the founder of the Central Kentucky Microsoft User Group and co-hosts the Tech Impostors podcast. He has a broad background in designing and supporting both cloud and on-premises systems, including work in various complex environments from hospitality to education to multi-national manufacturing companies.

Cyber Security Incident Response

By Events

Cyber Security Incident Response: Making The Best of A Worst-Case Scenario

Ransomware is up 144% since the pandemic started. More than ever before, it’s highly likely you will experience a ransomware threat and in some cases, experience multiple infections. It’s forecasted that in 2021 that the average organization will get hit with ransomware every 11 seconds.

In this session, we’ll uncover the inevitable question of what happens post compromise:

  • Steps to take and in what order after a compromise
  • How and what to communicate to the insurance company
  • Learn what to turn off, reboot and unplug
  • Learn the best logging scenarios for successful prosecution
  • How to interact with federal law enforcement
  • Other best practices and tips and tricks from the trenches

Secure Cyber Defense is a cyber security specific service and consulting company in Dayton, Ohio. They are an Advanced Fortinet partner and offer a variety of managed cyber security services and solutions.

About the Presenter

Shawn Waldman

Founder & CEO

Secure Cyber Defense

Shawn is the founder and CEO of Secure Cyber Defense. He is a 20-year IT veteran and previously served in law enforcement.
Shawn was deeply involved with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information System compliance framework, and ultimately wrote the compliance-training curriculum for other agencies and vendors. Shawn is a subject matter expert when it comes to FBI criminal justice compliance and speaks across the country on various topics related to cybersecurity and threat detection.

Don’t Get Scared Into the Cloud

By Events

Can the cloud come back to haunt you?

“The cloud!” is all you hear. Ignite, VMworld, they’ve been hyper-focused on THE CLOUD. Does this mean if you’re not in the cloud you’re behind? Join Mirazon CTO Brent Earls and Mirazon founding partner John Ross for a lively discussion.

We’ll cover:

  • When the cloud is great
  • Fiscal responsibility when moving to the cloud
  • Things you can quickly/easily leverage in the cloud
  • When it’s perfectly fine to stay on-prem
  • How to stay on-prem SECURELY
Bring your questions!

Scram, Scams! Today’s Threat Landscape

By Events

Step aside, Nigerian prices. Coronavirus phishing attacks take the throne.

With the explosion of the remote workforce and the general confusion around the pandemic and how to adjust to the “new normal,” many workers are overwhelmed and confused by scams and phishing attacks. How can you protect your team from falling victim? Join Mirazon’s networking engineer Rance Reinhardt as he walks you through today’s threats and what methods we can use to prevent being scammed.

Bring your questions!

About the Presenter

Rance Reinhardt

Network Engineer


Rance has been one of Mirazon’s networking engineers for 5 years. Before that, he served as a communications specialist in the Department of Defense. Today he spends his days setting up network security gear, slapping down ransomware and skateboarding.