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BooMUG – Incident Response Management

By October 11, 2022January 28th, 2023Events

Incident Response Management Workshop

What goes bump in the night for IT personnel? Well… we’re going to talk about it. While cybersecurity incidents can be a haunting experience, knowing you have a defense against the grim reaper can make the world of a difference.

Join us for a ghostly workshop put on by the LouMUG team where we will examine the coordination, collaboration, information sharing, and response capabilities of your organization’s reaction and response to a significant (ghoulish) cyber incident. This workshop is an opportunity to discuss and present multiple options, possible solutions, and/or suggested actions to resolve or mitigate a cybersecurity incident. It is meant to be a fang-tastic, interactive event where varying viewpoints/opinions are welcomed and expected!

Bring your team, along with any and all incident response materials you have, and get prepared to fight the cybersecurity monsters.

Details of the workshop include:

  • Responding to a cybersecurity scenario using your knowledge of existing plans, capabilities, and insights derived from your training and experience.
  • Work together with your team to navigate the proper steps that should be taken in response to said scenario.
  • Address what went right, any ideas or issues that may have emerged from the exercise discussions, and next steps your team and organization should take.

You will also have the opportunity to tour Flexential’s data center while you’re here!

We are going to have a fun, interactive – BUT SPOOKY – Halloween time. Join the LouMUG team by dressing up in your Halloween costume and you’ll get an extra entry for this month’s raffle prize!


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If you decide to join the LouMUG team and dress up in your Halloween costume, you’ll get an additional entry for the raffle!

About the Presenter

Tim Lewis


Security Practice Manager

Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis has been an Information Technology consultant since 2003 and with Mirazon since 2007, working in the network, systems, storage, virtualization and security space. He currently manages Mirazon’s Network and Security Operation Centers. In his spare time he enjoys backpacking, fitness and movies.