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SQL for the Sysadmin: What Non-DBAs Need to Know

By January 2, 2020March 29th, 2022Events


On occasion, as a sysadmin or provider of Infrastructure Support, you have no doubt dealt with those pesky database administrators. They are so needy, they have unreasonable requirements, and they tend to stress about the smallest of things.

But have you ever wondered what is really going on under the hood of a SQL Server? What is the best way to secure it? Why is performance so sporadic? Why is it so hungry for resources?

In this session we will explore some of the nuances of SQL Server, and also attempt to remove the “black box” qualities that overshadow it. In the end, we will all hopefully agree that the DBA is truly indeed neurotic… but understandably so.

About the Presenter

Jeff Rouse

Jeff is the Assistant Vice President, Manager of Database Administration for Republic Bank and Trust. He is a seasoned IT professional with 25+ years of experience with the processes that make IT successful.

Jeff has been a Microsoft junkie since Window for Workgroups, and has worked with most all of their enterprise level products. Jeff serves as a leader of the Louisville, KY chapter of the SQL Server & PowerBI User Group. His professional experience has allowed exposure to a wide variety of markets – finance, healthcare, telecommunications, law enforcement and more.