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Demos & Dell Client Demo Truck

By August 5, 2022September 1st, 2022Events

Demos & Dell Client Demo Truck

Join us for this month’s LouMUG event where we will be hosting the Dell Client Demo Truck! We will also have several self-paced demos you’ll be able to explore (more details below) including: 

Self-Paced Demos:

  • Windows 11
  • Security Awareness Training (SAT)
  • Wireless Surveys
  • Conference Room Systems
  • SharePoint
  • Supply Chain & Licensing
This is a GREAT opportunity to talk with engineers about your IT environment and how it could benefit from these products and services.
Pastries and coffee will be provided in the morning, followed by lunch. Make sure to bring your questions, and we look forward to you attending!

Raffle Prize

Please register and sign in with a recognizable name so we can add you to the drawing for this month’s prize. Thanks to our sponsors, the winner will take home this Dell monitor!

Dell 24 Monitor – E2422HS

About the Presenters & Demos

Dell Client Demo Truck

The Dell Client Demo Truck is a mobile truck stocked with various types of Dell equipment. The truck offers a fantastic chance to experience and interact with Dell products up close and personal—including laptops, servers, storage solutions, monitors, and more.

Self-Paced Demos

Windows 11

Kyle Haas & Joe Fuchs

Take a look at the operating system, interface, functions, and key features of Windows 11. How would this benefit your organization? Feel free to ask the experts questions and try out the product yourself! Get a feel for the advantages it could bring your business.


Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis

See the administrator’s dashboard, phishing tests, learning content, reporting & analytics, and more during our Security Awareness Training product’s demo! Learn how the features work together to help your employees be the strong first line of defense.

Wireless Surveys

Justin Cottrell

Take a closer look at the top wireless network design, surveying, validation, and troubleshooting tools. Learn about wireless surveying and how to blend the wireless connectivity requirements for your business with realistic environmental factors.

Conference Room Systems

Craig Stein

Learn how to seamlessly execute screensharing, hybrid meetings, video feeds, room management & booking tools, and more! Get hands-on experience with technology that’s built for the businesses and employees of today’s hybrid world.


John Ross & Billie Ross

Come see what SharePoint is all about! Get a look at this cloud-based service, its features, integration with PowerApps, customizability, latest updates, and more. Learn about the advantages and see what it can bring to you, your employees, and the company.

Supply Chain & Licensing

Tyler Switalski

Tyler, our Purchasing Manager won’t be doing any demos, but he is here for any and all non-technical questions! Interested in supply chain and what Mirazon is seeing? Have Microsoft/Veeam licensing questions? Want to just have a nice chat? Come see Tyler!