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Cybersecurity Workshop: Incident Response

By September 13, 2017March 30th, 2022Events

Join Shawn Waldman of Secure Cyber Defense, LLC for an up-to-date review of the cybersecurity threats out there and then walk through an incident response workshop.

In the workshop, we’ll work through your incident response process with real-world scenarios.

Bring your questions!


About the Presenter

Shawn Waldman

Shawn is the founder and president of Secure Cyber Defense LLC, located in Miamisburg, Ohio. He’s a 20-year IT veteran and served in law enforcement as a police officer in the late 90s.

Shawn is a subject matter expert when it comes to FBI criminal justice compliance and speaks across the country on the topic of cyber security. He’s worked with the US Secret Service and the US AirForce, teaching on the topic of cyber security.