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Artificial Intelligence Landscape From Academia to Industry: How and Where you Can Fit in

By November 5, 2019March 29th, 2022Events

To AI…and beyond!

AI is becoming more applied into our everyday and understanding how to effectively implement AI solutions can bring value to businesses and customers. We will cover AI Consortium, Market Insights, and Microsoft Azure AI Use Cases. Join us as while learn about the Artificial Intelligence landscape from Konrad Konarski, who led IBM’s Watson team.

We will review:

  • AI Consortium
    • Collective Innovation
    • Data Democratization
    • Innovation Lab
  • AI Market Insights
  • Microsoft Azure AI – Use Cases
    • Office Automation
    • Retail Analytics
    • PPE Detection
  • Additional Use-Cases
    • Chatbot Platforms
    • Computer Vision Systems
    • Deep Learning Analytics
  • Call to Action